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Dive into The Future of Teamwork podcast, where collaboration is more than a buzzword. It’s an art and science we aim to master. Hosted by Dane Groeneveld, we focus on the facets that make teams tick. 

Wondering how to elevate your team’s dynamics or decode the secrets of high-performing groups? 

  • Listen to industry leaders’ authentic insights detailing their teams’ pivotal role in their achievements. 
  • Analyze why some teams excel while others face challenges. 
  • Uncover the key components that set standout teams apart. 
  • Gain a forward-looking perspective on the evolving nature of teamwork in our modern age. 

Every week, Dane speaks with experts, extracting wisdom on how today’s leaders foster collaboration effectively, be it at work, home, or any setting where teamwork is paramount. Join us as we delve deep into the intricacies of collaboration, offering solutions and insights one episode at a time! 


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Following A Spark & Owning Your Career with Google's Jenny Wood

Episode 32

Episode 32

March 21, 2023
Featuring Jenny Wood

Taking risks, being vulnerable, and seeking help are often the initial actions required to pursue your aspirations. In this episode of The Future of Teamwork, Dane Groeneveld, the host, discusses taking charge of your career with Jenny Wood, the founder of Google’s Own Your Career initiative. The duo explores the idea that working in teams provides a fresh opportunity to transform oneself, establishing psychological safety in collaborative settings, and acknowledging that development and advancement can stem from sources other than the upper echelons of an organization.

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